About Us

Monai Cargo and Courier Company Limited (MCCCL) established in 2006 is one of the leading GSSA’s in Nigeria, carrying freight, mail and cargo traffic to over 70 destinations in more than 40 countries.

Mr Sale M. Pashi is the founder and pioneer in cargo care whose broad vision, dynamic leadership, unceasing efforts, in-depth knowledge of profession; committed objective of customer satisfaction gave new dimensions to the company.

Presently, the company has a wide network of offices in all major metropolitan cities of the West Coast of Africa. The company’s state-of-the-art offices are equipped with modern communication devices and internet facility giving spontaneous and timely information to clients

The unique features of the company have made it a mark of integrity, credibility, reliability, punctuality and commitment. A company that provides comprehensive cargo care and cargo movement irrespective of the value or volume of cargo.






Our Mission

At Monai Cargo and Courier, we provide excellent Cargo representation for Airlines through aggressive sales technique and customer-oriented services forming strategic partnership resulting to long term benefits for both customers and airlines.

We sort to train and engage qualified professionals with continuous enhancement of process to guarantee the fulfillment of the needs of our clients and employees.


Our Services

Quality of handling and security are among our top focus to give Airlines peace of mind in meeting more stringent demand from industry as security becomes a key concern in the Airlines industry. Highlights of MCCCL’S operations and administration services:

  • Cargo Handling
  • Express Delivery
  • Freight Forwarding
  • General Shipping
  • Air Freighting
  • Customs Clearing
  • Ground Handling


Contact Us


No 1b, Mao Tse Tung Street,
Off Jimmy Carter Street,
Abuja. Nigeria.


0803 346 2179; 01-4044741

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